Start making a difference in the world through policymaking |

Policy change can affect billions of lives. What if you could create policies to enhance societies, transform lives and change the impact we have on the world? In this course supported by the University of Cambridge, you will build knowledge and awareness about policymaking and leadership.

Course duration: 4 weeks
Study period: 2 hours per week

Turning passion into policy, learn from experts, collaborate and influence

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…
– Identify the passion which drives your ambition to shape policy change
– Reflect on how your policy idea ties in to your wider purpose
– Explore what policy is and how it can lead to change in wider society
– Assess the importance of different types of evidence in creating policy
– Identify who your stakeholders are and learn how to influence them effectively
– Develop your confidence and skills around policy leadership
– Design an action plan that will set your policy idea in motion

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