Deadline: 22nd August 2021 | Each year, about 30 individuals from around the world participate in the institute’s Fellow Programme.

During their stay, Fellows work with each other and with IASS researchers, providing expertise, inspiration, and creative input. In return, the IASS offers Fellows the opportunity to develop their ideas in an international community of eminent researchers, not only within the institute, but also in the wider Potsdam-Berlin area. In keeping with the institute’s transdisciplinary approach to research, Fellows are encouraged to engage with stakeholders from all areas of society.

Applications should be related to one of the current research areas of the IASS. You can find the research areas here:

Fellowships are open to individuals at all career stages and may be combined with sabbaticals. The IASS strongly encourages experts with a strong interest in sustainability and societal transformation to apply for this programme. Applicants can come from a wide range of sectors such as science, public administration, the private sector, civil society, media and the arts.

Applicants from the scientific community are expected to generally have a PhD or similar level of experience. For those outside academia, several years’ work experience in a given field is a requirement.

Fellows will receive financial compensation to cover their additional costs of living during their stay in Germany. The exact amount will depend on the particular situation of the successful applicant (e.g. whether they are on paid or unpaid leave) and will be decided on an individual basis. On request, the IASS can also provide limited resources to cover travel expenses, publication fees, support for organising workshops, production costs for artistic work, etc.

The minimum duration of Fellowships is three months, and the maximum duration is twelve months. Fellows are expected to be physically present at the IASS during their stay and actively contribute to the work of the institute, for example by holding seminars and participating in other IASS activities. The intended starting period for Fellowships is spring/summer 2022. Fellows are permitted to interrupt their fellowship and may even divide it into several stages. However, the IASS is aware that the Corona pandemic may not be over by early 2022. Special arrangements will be made possible, e.g. beginning the Fellowship remotely and physically joining at a later stage when travel is permitted.

Find out more and apply at the official link below:


Apply before 22nd August, 2021