Deadline: 15th Feb 2020 | Age 18-35 |  For action-oriented Asian women who lead change in their communities, schools, business and beyond..

Why Become a Rising Star?

As a Rising Star, you will gain lifelong access to dynamic, always-evolving Leadership Development programmes and services, ranging from mentorship and education funding to leadership opportunities and a global community of professionals.

Rising Stars represent diverse backgrounds and interests – we do not restrict or select based on cultural and socioeconomic factors, nor political, religious, and professional affiliations. We invite you to apply if: 

  • You are a woman of Asian nationality
    You are either:
  • Applying to attend university at the Bachelor’s level within the next year
  • Planning to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the future
  • Currently enrolled in university at any level
  • A young professional focused on professional and career development
  • You demonstrate a deep commitment to working towards social change in your community
  • You are searching for opportunities and resources to help you with your leadership development

One-on-One Mentorship

Leadership may be defined by your actions, but what you learn is refined through reflection. A mentor can be that person who listens, challenges, and encourages you at any point in your life. As a Rising Star, you have the option to match with a dedicated, online Mentor to work towards your goals and actions, reflect on your challenges and achievements, and offer different insights and perspectives. Our Mentors are a diverse group of global professionals who are selected for their passion and commitment to support women leaders.

Global Community

Share your journeys, make new friends, find supporters, and expand your professional networks. When you join Wedu, you become a part of our global community of changemakers. From fellow Rising Stars and Mentors, Partners, and Programme Participants, our Community is here to uplift and support you along every step of your journey.

Leadership Development Opportunities

With the support of our global Partners, we identify and offer opportunities for you to put your leadership into action. These opportunities are curated to match your needs and ambitions, and they include conferences, scholarships, workshops, trainings and more!

Find out more and apply at the link below: