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Our Better World seeks to empower people through stories, and inspire support for wonderful causes.

Supported by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Our Better World is a storytelling initiative which brings communities together to do good.

Pitch your story to be shared through the power of video and inspire the world.

Our Better World stories are about:

Human connections Inspiring personal journeys, heartfelt connections with communities. Stories built on human bonds, opening eyes and minds.

Hope and redemption Society’s problems can’t be solved in a day, but some are making a difference in their own way. Stories built on the belief that something can be done.

Action within reach No action is too small. Stories that make it possible for individuals to chip in for those ready to receive help

After your pitch…  The editorial team takes time to assess every pitch with care.
If they think they can pursue your story, they will get in touch.

What difference does a story make

Write for Our Better World’s Community Blog

Simply submit your story of contribution at the Community Blog where you can also find more inspiring stories from a diverse range of everyday heroes.

Topics include: diversity, inclusion, youth, empowerment and environment.

Wish to be involved in Creating Stories?

Your storytelling skills can be a force for good. Work with them to create impactful stories for a better world.

From filmmaking to photography, to animation, professionals are needed who share the values to grow the field of impact storytelling.

You have the skills – Whether you are seasoned or starting out, share your work as a media professional, and your knack for crafting narratives.

You have the heart – Stories are about people. If you thrive on building bonds with subjects and shaping stories that create understanding and impact, talk to us.

You want to collaborate – Stories are not about a singular vision but a joint effort, marrying our strengths to bring out the best in a story.

Travel For-Good – Our Better World also provides resources, and inspiring stories of purpose-driven travel across Asia. What better way to explore new cultures than by giving a helping hand and making a difference on the go.


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