Deadline: 10th August 2020 | Applications are open for the ERUPT! Art Competition 2020. The competition calls all the crazy ones, the creatives, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes.

Art speaks all languages. It goes deep into the crevices of hearts and creates narratives that speak to us individually. The theme of this year’s competition is “What about me?” a call to bring the plight of invisible children across the world to light by starting a conversation through art, shedding light on the issues at hand and contributing directly to grassroots impact.

Winning Entry Prize money
– Literature: $2,000
– Audio: $2,000
– Visual: $2,000
– Performance: $2,000

There are four categories in Erupt! 2020 namely Literature, Visual, Performance or Audio. Under literature, acceptable forms of submissions are Stories, short stories, written poems, and more. Under Visual, acceptable forms of submissions are videos, paintings, drawings, and more. Under Performance, acceptable forms of submissions are dance, anything constituting body movements and more Under Audio, acceptable forms of submissions are music, spoken word, performed poetry, and more.

– Each Participant must pay a registration fee of $10 which goes fully to the Sponsorship of programs and projects that serve children on the streets.
– First, be human! All ages are welcome to apply to our program.
– Identify and enter into any one of these categories: Literature, Visual, Performance or Audio in which participants compete against others in their own categories
– Applicants are restricted to just one entry or submission.
– There is no limitation to what country you can participate in.
– Entry fees are not refundable once you pay your fee.

Find full details and prepare your application at:


Apply before 10th August, 2020