2023 Mission: To train at least 10,000 passionate individuals from 195 countries, by 2023, to build successful impact-driven businesses—providing employment to others, creating wealth for themselves, and improving the economy of their nations.

“It’s no news that every day, I love sharing with others what I’ve learned from my experience as an entrepreneur, and Savvy is just an extension of that personal journey of sharing for me.” Savvy is a 12-week-long virtual fellowship program that runs throughout the year.

— Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder at Savvy

Some of the things you’ll learn as a Savvy Fellow include fundraising for your business, building the right team to execute your business strategies, building buzz around your product or service, achieving product-market fit, scaling into new markets and verticals, and building customer loyalty and retention.

Savvy Fellowship isn’t just a 12-weeks learning, assessment, and mentorship program. No, it’s much more. It’s a life-long journey as an impact entrepreneur. We have Post Fellowship resources to keep you growing every day.

Find out more and apply at the official link below: