Deadline: 31st August 2021 | Age 18+ | Up to four persons can jointly submit a single entry. Each entry can address only one challenge, and the part of the entry presenting a solution to the challenge can have a maximum of 1,500 words.

This competition will solicit solutions from the general public in ASEAN member states and Timor Leste to the following challenges to innovation:

Challenges to Innovation related to Women’s Entrepreneurship

  • Challenge #1: How to address the lack of access to networking for growth of women-owned businesses?
  • Challenge #2: How to address the lack of skills training and capacity building programs for women-owned businesses?

Challenges to Innovation related to Digital Economy

  • Challenge #3: How to ensure inclusive access to technology for all?
  • Challenge #4: How to ensure a sustainable supply of human capital in the fast-changing digital economy?

Challenge to Innovation related to Socially Responsible Business

  • Challenge #5: How to ensure that socially responsible businesses can access adequate resources to become financially sustainable companies?

Challenges to Innovation related to Fostering Start-Up Environments

  • Challenge #6:  How to address the lack of access to early-stage funding, so that investment does not come too late for start-ups in Southeast Asia?
  • Challenge #7: How to address the lack of good start-up advisors and enablers in Southeast Asia who can help build companies that have potential to expand outside of the region?

The U.S.-ASEAN Innovation Circle Grassroots Competition is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

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Apply before 31st August, 2021