Deadline: 15th December 2023 | Bringing together emergent agents of social change across the globe for an impact-driven, project-focused, learning journey. Over the course of eight months, participants learn and work together to build collective leadership competencies, refine social impact initiatives they are spearheading in their communities, and ignite transformative change that cuts across boundaries of sector, place, and identity, furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through the program, participants generate ripples of impact: on themselves, by building their leadership capacity and transformative potential; on their local community, by accelerating their social impact project for sustainable development beyond business as usual; and on their global peers, by intersecting their know-how, experience, and humanity.

The Global Solvers Accelerator creates that space for emerging change agents to exchange and collaborate genuinely and advance their work while contributing to those of others. By embracing transformation as an impetus for sustainable development beyond business-as-usual, our 8-month program accelerates social impact projects through cross-boundary exchange and collaborative action.

Chosen among hundreds of applicants worldwide, selected participants will work together to refine and scale the social impact projects they are spearheading in their respective communities. Through an intentionally designed learning journey, subject matter advisory, leading-edge thematic contributions, and ample peer exchange and collaboration, the program provides a springboard for participants to tap into the fullest transformative potential of their sustainable development endeavors!

A signature program of the Melton Foundation, the Global Solvers Accelerator is deeply intertwined with our unique community of global citizenship practice, and, for successful participants, the program becomes a gateway to joining the lifelong Melton Fellowship. Plus, actively engaged participants will also be invited to attend a fully-sponsored week-long in-person retreat, the Global Solvers Co-Lab in July 2024.

Participants will work together with emerging leaders from across the globe and re-engineer community projects to amplify their impact!

Find out more and apply at the official link below:


Apply before 15th December, 2023