Identifies the principles of journalism and how to ethically and effectively share stories and information with your community. The course will look at how to responsibly gather information from reliable sources, how to ethically collect and disseminate information, what tools are available to community journalists, and what the best practices are when telling stories that are pertinent to your community.

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Community Journalism: Basic Principles for Effective Storytelling


1. The Principles of Journalism

This lesson examines how to responsibly gather information, how to cultivate and manage reliable sources of information, and how to act ethically in collecting and disseminating information.

2. Creating Your Stories

This lesson explains the differences between telling stories and sharing information. It also examines the ways that traditional news stories and community stories differ, as well as the best practices for telling stories that matter to your community.

3. Sharing Your Stories

This lesson discusses the four tools or technologies that are available to community journalists and how each can be used to effectively tell your stories.

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