Deadline: 31st January 2023 | Participate in ideating on mitigating Southeast Asia’s tangible & intangible cultural heritage threats and understanding the region’s various cultures on “YSEALI Cultural Heritage Hackaton” March 16 & 18 – 19, 2023.

Southeast Asia is home to 27 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites with much tangible and intangible heritage. However, much of this heritage is now at risk of being damaged or disappearing with the challenges of climate change, expansion of human settlement, and drastic changes in our social behavior due to the recent pandemic.

YSEALI and Urban Studies Lab invite you to join the YSEALI Cultural Heritage Hackathon 2023,” a virtual hackathon session in brainstorming ideas, concepts, and knowledge to conserve Southeast Asia’s heritage and mitigate the threats. The YSEALI Cultural Heritage Hackathon 2023 aims to raise awareness of such issues and connect youths and expert enthusiasts of cultural heritage in Southeast Asia. We invite you to participate in ideating and sharing knowledge on the cause of mitigating the threats to Southeast Asia’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, understanding the region’s various cultures and the shared values of our cultural assets.

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Southeast Asia Nationals between the age of 18 – 30 years old.

Key Information
Hackathon Date : 16th (Evening Session) & 18th – 19th March 2023 (All Day Session)
Thematic :

This hackathon is separated into 2 thematic, which are two parallel session, and a separated competition. Each thematic will accepted up to 100 participants. Applicant must choose your prefered thematic in Section 4 of this application form. The 2 themes are:

1. Tangible Southeast Asia Heritage – Climate Change and Water Management
In this thematic, the hackathon challenge is about the tangible heritage such as archaeological site, architecture, and artifacts in Southeast Asia which are at risk of being damage by the effect of climate change, for instance, flooding, erosion, precipitation increases, or drought.
2. Intangible Cultural Heritage – Intangible Southeast Asia Heritage – Urbanization, displacement, gentrification and disappearance of culture

The second thematic challenge is around the issues of intangible heritage such as performance arts, culinary, tradition and cultural knowledge which are at risk of being displace or gentrified due to the expansion of cities and settlement and change of the urban economic pattern.

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Apply before 31st January, 2023