Deadline: 16th January 2023 |Looking for the world’s best solutions from the agrifood-value chain from all stages and locations

The program focuses on scaling your idea at its full potential and helps you build an international network with top vcs, business angels, and top-class corporate partners. RootCamp is interested in finding solutions for the so-called upstream area of the Agri-Food Tech value chain. They are specifically interested in the following 9 verticals but feel free to apply if your startup operates in a related field.

AG-BIOTECHNOLOGY – It includes inputs for crops (including seed, fertilizer, pesticides), genetics, microbiome, breeding, input for animals and animal health.
AGRIBUSINESS-MARKETPLACES – It includes commodities trading platforms, online input procurement, and equipment leasing platforms.
BIOENERGY & BIOMATERIALS – It includes non-food extraction and processing, feedstock technology, agriculture-related pharmaceuticals (like cannabis) and industrial biotechnology.
FARM-MANAGEMENT-SOFTWARE, SENSING & IoT – It includes agricultural data capturing devices, decision support software solutions, and big data analytics.
FARM-ROBOTICS, MECHANIZATION & EQUIPMENT – It includes on-farm machinery, sensors, automation, drone manufacturers, grow equipment, and smart irrigation.
INNOVATIVE FOOD – It includes cultured meat, novel ingredients, and plant-based proteins.
SUPPLY CHAIN & PACKAGING SOLUTIONS – It includes food safety tech, food traceability tech, logistics & transport, food processing tech, waste recycles tech, packaging solutions, and sustainability tech.
NOVEL FARMING SYSTEMS – It includes new methods of farming living ingredients.
MISCELLANEOUS – It includes the rest.

The program entails a 3-months acceleration phase including access to the ecosystem, all learning resources, and funding to make you investor-ready. After that, you will have the possibility to get additional 9 months to further define, develop and pilot your product/technology in cooperation with our corporate partners.

You will get a 3 to 12 months period to get real market validation. The goal is to have your solution implemented within the corporate real-world environment through pilot projects and accelerate your growth. You profit either from a new variant of your product/technology or from new customers to enter the European market.

“The flexible programs are designed to support you in whatever you need. also, we continue to help founders in their journey also after the program thanks to our network of alumni and mentors.”

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Apply before 16th January, 2023