Deadline: 8th June 2023 | This campaign will showcase 50 leaders building a new status quo, impacting others through kindness. “We will share their stories and leadership styles, and the effect they have on their organisation and industries.”

“We want their stories to inspire others, and to help to recast the perceptions of ‘strong’ leadership. We want kindness to be seen as a strength in leadership, as a quality and a currency that empowers change.”

“We recognise that a kind leader is defined not just by what they say and do, but by how what they say and do affects those around them. As such, each nomination will also need to be supported by two testimonials of support. These testimonials must come from people who have been impacted by the candidate.”

“Together with the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, we have explored the characteristics associated with kind leaders, those who are deeply thoughtful of others and show: humanity, generosity and compassion, and are dedicated to supporting the well-being of others and fostering a spirit of collaboration. These are the traits that we will be looking for, within the nomination.”


  • The candidates can be male or female and there are no restrictions on age.
  • Candidates have been working and based in the Asia Pacific region for at  least two years.
  • We are looking for leaders in their fields. Those in a position of leadership that can directly affect the culture of the company and industry within which they work.
  • Candidates must be nominated by another and cannot self-nominate.
  • Those nominating will need to write a citation about the candidate that clearly demonstrates their leadership impact through kindness.
  • We will also require two testimonials from people that have been impacted by the candidate.
Assessment and Shortlisting:
A panel made up of representatives from different industry sectors will review the entries and agree the final list of 50 stories. The 50 successful candidates will be notified and invited to an event in November 2023.

Find out more and nominate a kind leader at the official link below:

Apply before 8th June, 2023