Deadline: 30th April 2024 | The 2024 Prize will emphasize the role of female scientists who have used their work to improve the society in sustainable ways and have acted as role models for other women learning, working in, and pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This year, the Prize focuses on the theme of Climate Resilience and Adaptation .

The United States Government, in partnership with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and UL Research Institutes, aims to strengthen ASEAN science and technology capacity and gender equality through an annual UL Research Institutes-ASEAN-U.S. Science Prize for Women (“Prize”). The 2024 Prize will provide promising, ASEAN-national, Mid-career and Senior female scientists with recognition awards from ASEAN and the United States government and UL Research Institutes for their academic and professional achievements.

Along with recognition for their achievements, the winners are eligible to receive a cash award of $12,500 each for both the Senior Scientist and the Mid-career Scientist categories. Additionally, the runner-up finalists in each category will receive an honorable mention and $5,000.

Climate Resilience and Adaptation

The ASEAN region faces increasingly severe challenges due to the impacts of climate change. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and changing precipitation patterns threaten the socio-economic stability, environmental sustainability, and livelihoods of ASEAN member nations. Addressing these challenges demands a concerted effort to foster innovative solutions that enhance climate resilience and facilitate effective adaptation strategies.

The theme “Climate Resilience and Adaptation” aims to spotlight cutting-edge scientific advancements, technological innovations, and holistic approaches that empower ASEAN countries to combat the adverse effects of climate change. This theme will encompass various dimensions, including but not limited to:

  1. Resilient Infrastructure and Urban Planning: Showcasing innovations in designing and constructing resilient infrastructure that can withstand climate-related risks, ensuring sustainable urban development and disaster-resilient communities.
  2. Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration: Exploring innovative strategies for preserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystems, and promoting nature-based solutions to mitigate climate impacts.
  3. Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security: Highlighting agricultural innovations that enhance productivity, conserve resources, and adapt to changing climatic conditions while ensuring food security for the region.
  4. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies: Showcasing advancements in renewable energy technologies and sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint and promote energy resilience.
  5. Community-Based Adaptation and Resilience Building: Recognizing local community initiatives, indigenous knowledge, and participatory approaches that strengthen resilience and adaptive capacities at the grassroots level

The theme “Climate Resilience and Adaptation” is a call to action, urging scientists, researchers, innovators, and policymakers to collaborate and catalyse transformative solutions that fortify ASEAN’s capacity to thrive in a changing climate landscape.

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